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Live Stock Market Training

The stock market has been a powerful wealth creator. Yet most Australians lack the knowledge or skills to invest wisely in it. Without knowledge, it’s easy to become disengaged, park your savings in a managed fund and see returns eroded over time by poor performance and high fees.

In his live training session, high profile stock market analyst James Middleweek will show you how the market really works and how to identify the best stocks. You’ll learn how to value companies, understand their financial statements and the factors that drive their share prices. He will also show you how you could save thousands in fees.

Training sessions are interactive and in small groups. You can ask James as many questions as you want. In just ninety minutes, you will come out a confident, informed investor, with all the investment skills you need to make money from the stock market.

This is a unique opportunity to take charge of your financial future.

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