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Value Invest

Value Invest

Value Invest

Value Invest is an investment company with a particular focus on short to medium term outperformance from ASX stocks. Value Invest is not a day trader, but nor is it “set and forget”. As an active investor, Value Invest aims to recycle money to achieve exceptional returns.

Value Invest often looks at turnaround situations where there is scope to double or triple its investment.  Many stocks already invested in have achieved these returns.

Value, Quality, Growth and Momentum

The flagship product of Value Invest is the soon to be launched Evaluate system. Evaluate is based on sixteen measures of Value, Quality, Growth and Momentum. Its unique ranking system will allow investors to look at stocks in a completely different way.


Product: Evaluate

Less noise and more performance

Evaluate is an easy to use product that incorporates a scoring system for the stock market, indicating where and when to invest money. The purpose of eValuate is to provide 'less noise and more performance', allowing investors to confidently focus their investments into the areas that will give the highest returns. 





James Middleweek

James is an accomplished stock market analyst and commentator with over fifteen years experience in the UK and Australia. Best described as a value investor, James has particular expertise in mid cap and smaller ASX stocks.  James also rose to national prominence when he launched a series of class actions against the major Australian banks over unfair fees.